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The Full Story

Bryanna McNamee Banyan Babes Clothing founder Women owned business WFHM

Banyan Babes Clothing is a two person team consisting of our Founder and CEO, Bryanna, and her babe, muse, and professional snoozer, Avery. 

As Bryanna prepared for the birth of Avery she realized just how much 'stuff' is pushed on new parents. She knows that not only is this stuff expensive and unnecessary, but it is also wreaking havoc on the planet and in the minds of parents.

In 2021, one month after the birth of Avery, Banyan Babes was launched as the eco-friendly, cost effective and easy solution for clothing our babes.

In the summer of 2021 Under the Banyan, a playgroup for babies 0 to 1 year was co-created with Beret Scangarello of Gear'Em Theorem, to aid new parents and families during this incredibly transitional stage of life. 

Her hope in creating these resources is "that parents and families are able to spend less time worrying, and with unanswered questions and more time enjoying every precious moment with their babies".

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